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 HAAT / The Marketplace

Spring/Summer 2012
Lakme Fashion Week, Mumbai 
March 2012

HAAT / The market place is a compilation of stories that make us feel Indian; This collection celebrates India as the land of irony, of contrasts and contradictions. Through textiles and garments, this collection attempts to evoke all things that make us feel proud of being an Indian.

We all like our luxury, our fast cars, good food and wine but we still go back to loving kulhar-ki-chai and the smell of wet earth during the rains. We might live in the fanciest of plush homes but we end up vacationing in “heritage villas” with our cycle or camel rides to experience a slice of the past, of eras gone-by and of things we dearly miss but fail to express.

Inspired by what people wear on the streets, uninhibited and untutored by mainstream fashion, this collection is a collage of visual references from our daily life. The fabrics range from our very familiar Indian cotton, with its fine weaves to coarser Khadi handlooms in stitched resist and tie-dyed techniques. Ikats from Orissa, where the yarn is dyed at the pre-weaving stage, to finer Chanderi, Matka silks, Madras checks are fashioned into Indo-western silhouettes like the Kurta, Peplum summer jackets, to ghera skirts, pajama pants and layered tunics. They spell comfort clothing for the truly global Indian who is at ease anywhere in the world. The prints are placement hand-blocks inspired by the 16th century “chint” motifs from India that traveled to distant lands during the spice trade. The enchanting “Tree of life” symbolic of India as the land of plenty, finds its way through placement block-printing on capes, skirts and kurtas. Embroidery is sparingly used in the shape of delicate buds and bel-buta.

The silhouettes are a mix of elements from different cultures and hold an essence that is Indian in its core. Attempting menswear for the first time, the ensembles in shades of white, kora to warmer colours like sunflower yellow, oranges, reds and rust together with grey, black, blue with the occasional greens are a mix of Indo-western styles, perfect for either a Pan-Indian or a pan – Asian context.

Somewhere along this story-telling, the message seems to float: Come home to India. 


                       The LFW show : HAAT / The Marketplace Spring Summer 2012